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In a previous post, I explored the history of spacing after sentences, where we saw that the common practice for centuries was to include a much wider space after a period (or other mark that ended a sentence).  Since a double space nowadays imitates that practice—which comes from the era where the forms of many […]

The topic of spacing after a period (or “full stop” in some parts of the world) has received a lot of attention in recent years.  The vitriol that the single-space camp has toward the double-spacers these days is quite amazing, and typographers have made up an entire fake history to justify their position. The story […]

The question of Mormons and Christianity has been receiving a lot of press again of late.  While the statements of Robert Jeffress regarding the First Amendment and religious litmus tests for political office are unusual (and perhaps, in terms of the First Amendment, bizarre) interpretations, his assertion that Mormons are not Christians is nothing new. […]

As the tenth anniversary of the tragedy approached, many people in the media began to write stories of remembrance. Ten years before, a shocking surprise attack had killed roughly 3000 people.  The perpetrators of the attack had sought to terrorize Americans when the planes suddenly appeared that morning over an unsuspecting city.  Forces were promptly […]

In recent days, the Obama health insurance mandate has received another blow from the 11th Circuit Court, leading to more speculation that the individual mandate will be ruled unconstitutional. What is often omitted from the current discussions is how we got into this mess in the first place.  The United States has a rather unique […]

The subject of pseudonyms on the internet has received quite a bit of attention in the past week, following Google’s decision to lock out hundreds of accounts on its new social media platform, Google+.  Why would Google do this as it’s trying to draw new users to Google+?  Because the names looked suspiciously like fake […]

IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING COMMENTS: For a while, I tried to keep up with individual responses to comments on this article, but I don’t have the time to do that with my current schedule.  Many of the new comments pose scenarios that have already been addressed in previous questions or in the article; if you have […]

Let’s play the pluralization game.  Which of the following is the “correct” plural of octopus?  Which are acceptable variants?  Which are “wrong”? octopuses octopi octopodes The English-speaking world is divided into about five categories of people here: People who think octopuses is best because it comes naturally, like children think foots is an acceptable plural […]

UPDATE [8/17/11]: Most of my assumptions depended on the basic idea that Ceglia’s lawyer, who seemed to have a good reputation, had some credibility.  Ceglia later retained council from a major New York firm, which also seemed to indicate he had something.  But from recent news, it doesn’t look good. In any case, one of […]

UPDATE: I removed my previous post on this subject for various reasons.  I still believe the arguments below (and the extended ones in the earlier post) to be valid, however. If you’d like further details as were posted earlier, leave a reply to this post with your email in the appropriate box, and I can […]